Friday, July 17, 2015

The Laundry Room:
 This was probably the worst eye sores of the house. The only finished part of this room was this giant 6 ft all tiled creepy shower. This is the view as you opened the door and it was terrible!

We are still needing to add trim and doors to this room but at least it is finished and painted and not as creepy. We put peel and stick tile down here as well, it recommends not to but we figured it was a cheap fix for now and if they don't for some reason stay adhered to the floor we will later hire someone to tile this room.
 We took the long counter that was left in this room and cut it to a smaller size ( there was a big piece of the formica missing on the front so we cut it off before that). We added table legs from a table we no longer had but were holding onto the legs for a later use since legs can be pricey. I am glad we have stored them for a year and were able to use them now. I painted over the counter with spray paint and added a triangle design with a  navy paint pen. We had to add 2x 4s to the bottom to be able to attach the legs to the counter top and it still needs to be painted but it is working great for a folding table!

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