Friday, July 17, 2015

This room probably looks the most different besides the major fix up of the laundry room.
There was dirty old linoleum floors in here and just seemed very dark with all the panelled walls.

After 2 coats of paint and new carpet and the removal of the blinds I am not afraid to sit in here anymore.

 Found the little bookcase at the restore for 5 dollars, painted it and added a dowel and now its perfect storage for dressups.
 I had red fabric bins for this when it was in Zane's room and since I didn't think it matched I just spray painted the front and suprisingly they don't feel terrible. Easier and faster than recovering them.

 At first I hated this built in desk but knew it would be a lot to remove it, but now I love it. It stores all of Addilyn's barbies and clothes, and bigger toys in the cupboard. I painted the top with chalkboard paint because why not and the kids love it! :)

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