Friday, July 17, 2015

Storage Hallway and Downstairs Bathroom:
Eventually I would like to add in a shower and take out the guest room closet that is directly behind this door and wall and change out the floor .

We only did little updates in here and need to do more, light fixtures and a framed mirror are on the list! This is also where I wash out my clients as my chair can lean back and I have a connector nozzle tube thing that I just put on the faucet before anyone comes over.
 Painting the cabinets and carpeting over the linoleum floor in this little hallway made a huge difference. We also took off the door to this hallway to help open it up.

 Jeffs Office:
This room just got a fresh coat of paint and carpet. Jeff requested his office to be his Ute room as well so we painted his desk red, and eventually the nightstand will get painted red as well.

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