Friday, July 17, 2015

We called this the dungeon when we bought the house. Its pretty clear why.
 We were lucky enough to clear out all those 5 gallon buckets of weevil infested beans and rice. Also the shelves and the junk were left for us as well. My absolute favorite part of this room was the giant spill of molasses.
Drywall still needs to be put up on two of the walls to help kill off the dungeon look. One half of the room had drywall up because it was finished off with the basement and since this was used for a cold storage room there wasn't a need for drywall on the other walls. We painted over the cement for a temporary look and adding the laminate floor really helped this room from looking super creepy! Tons of work is left in this room but its doing the job okay for now.

 Another salon chair needs to be bought since I brought my original one into the bathroom so I could wash people out. Its on the list, but the list just keeps growing of other things that need to be bought, like all matching door handles with locks!
 To get this entertainment center down the sharp curve of our stairs we had to cut it in half and put l brackets to put it back together. We now use this to store all the holiday decor instead of a tv and it fits perfectly in this little cut out of the room.
There you have it! This is our home updated and still in progress but we have loved working on it and making it our own. During the project I sometimes hate the work but it is so worth it once its done!

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