Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I stink at keeping a blog... so summarizing the past month..
 I left Jeff in Arizona to study and go to school and went to Utah for 6 days to visit my sisters, nieces and nephews, friends, and my in laws. Oh and to help Kim with projects around her new house. We didn't get much finished but started a lot. I got to go to Aarons (Jeffs nephew) 2nd birthday party...He is getting so big and it was fun to see the Tingeys..

My amazing sister in law Heather and me sporting our baby bumps...( She just had her cute baby boy Lincoln Friday April 8th..)

"School Friends" Reunite!... Its been a little over a year since Ive seen Sonja (middle) and its been almost 2 years since I've seen Kelsey (right)..She went on a mission to California and came back when we were already down in AZ..It was so fun to get together with these girls.. It was like we were still in school and had saw each other all the time!
In Utah we did a lot of planning for a surprise 50th birthday for my mom... We all met in Vegas Friday night and didn't tell my mom we were coming to town. Saturday morning Zach let us into the house early in morning to make sure my mom would still be in bed and sent in Lyla and Paisley into her room wearing birthday hats.. It didn't go quite as planned, Lyla was following Titan (our dog) into my moms room when he turned around and so did she, but Paisley walked in and by now my mom was a little confused and so we all just walked into her room! My mom was so excited to see us all. Little did she know there was more surprise to come. We had left in the afternoon to go get started and setting things up at my grandmas house...she thought we were going to go visit my dad and step mom but really they were coming to visit us at grandmas...then we called her to tell her that we were on our way home and that she should just meet us at grandmas and we will plan out where we should go for dinner to celebrate her birthday...Tricked...

Brit made this amazing cake! She seriously is so talented and put together this masterpiece in less than 5 hours!!

Sisters!!! Just hanging out at the party! I love my sisters!...Kim (left) Brit (center) Kennedy (right)

Moms awesome bird given by my Aunt Verna and Aunt Janice...They gave it to her more as a joke but I think my mom secretly likes it...I sure do...

Starting the Dance party off! ( The theme was "Everybody's gonna dance tonight)

Paisley showing off her moves! I love this girl! (Brit and Tylers little girl)

Us sisters having a competition...

Lyla shakin her booty...She is adorable! ( Kim and Skylers little girl)

We finally got some guys up there...

Kevin (center left) loved this game...Seriously wouldn't give up the controller...he was trying to come in first...haha
My sexy man Jeff (left) and his moves...Zach (center right) and Tyler (right) I didn't think Tyler would actually get up and dance but he surprised us all and not only did he just moves his arms( the only thing that counts) he really got into it. This picture was taking right before they started a mosh pit dance and still doing the required moves..

It was so fun to party with the family and to get everyone dancing...even my Grandma and Grandma were dancing! It was awesome!

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