Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Sweet Addilyn Belle

Well I figured I better get going on another post since its been a couple months....Oh man...Its so hard to find the time but hopefully now that baby girl is on a schedule I can be better at this...

I want to do a post all about my sweet Addilyn! I think she is just about the most precious thing ever!!!
Well I will start from the beginning...kind of.... At my 37 week check up Dr Linda Sodoma told me I had a 50/ 50 chance of having a c-section because she may be too big...So she sent me to get a sonogram at 38 weeks. She measured 7 pounds, give or take a pound. And the ultrasound tech was trying to get a good profile picture for us but couldn't and just kept saying she is really squished in there, I don't think she has very much room left to grow. I was hoping this meant that she would come early cause she wanted to stretch. Nope!
Jeff and I walked a lot at night trying to get her to keep moving down and hopefully get some contractions going. I even did what I called curb hopping, Walking with one foot on a curb and the other on the street. This wore me out more than getting her out. There was one night where I started having some braxton hicks so I was hoping that they would turn into contractions but they sure didn't. She is such a stubborn girl! Dr Sodoma agreed to inducing me a couple days early because of her size and because Jeff had his final for his first year of medical school the day after her due date and we were needing to be out of our apt the week after her due date. So needless to say a ton going on all at the same time. We were scheduled to be induced Monday, June 20th at 7:30am.
Well Monday finally came and after a sleepless night cause by excitement we called at 5:30am to make sure they had a bed open for me. (We were instructed to do this on our induction paper). The nurse told me no sorry, so just hang out at home and rest and we will hopefully call you later this morning to come in. A couple hours went by and I called to check the bed status. Still nothing. We were getting pretty disappointed by 1pm that we hadn't been called yet. We were so excited that we were going to be seeing this little person inside of me that day but it just wasn't happening. I probably annoyed the nurses like crazy because I called every 2 hours. By 10 that night I gave up calling and decided to relax and watch a movie. I was pretty grumpy all day long...sorry mom and Janet (Jeff's mom)..they had to deal with me all day..

Tuesday morning at 5:30am we recieved a call letting us know that there was a bed for us and to come in.We quickly showered and got ready and went to the hospital.It was finally happening! We were finally going to have our baby girl!..They started hooking me up and placing the monitors on my belly around 7am. And the IV was just about the worst pain I felt all day! I held Jeff's hand and had to look away from the needle (I hate them) I started feeling lightheaded, dizzy, and that I was going to pass out because it hurt so bad. They put a cold rag on my head and placed the oxygen mask on me. They waited to start the pitocin for a little bit til Addilyn's heart rate was a little more "awake".Once the pitocin was in I started feeling a little bit of contractions but nothing painful and barely noticeable.I was told to lay on my side with the oxygen mask on the whole time...super uncomfortable I watched Micheal Jackson's "This is it" while Jeff studied and we waited for the real contractions to get going. Dr Sodoma came in around 11:30am and broke my water and checked me..I was at a 2 maybe a 3 and 80 percent effaced. Don't worry she was rocking out to Micheal's songs the whole time (she was kind of a crazy dr). I hadn't made much more progress than what I was  at my 37 week check up, so she upped my pitocin and left. Then soon after the contractions really started to get stronger and closer together. After dealing with them for about an hour and having them be minute and a half apart and so strong I only had 20 seconds to breath and relax before the next one came I called to the nurse for my epidural. I was so nervous for the epidural especially after how I handled the IV, which was not good. But it didn't hurt that bad, the IV was totally worse and plus the epidural was like heavin in a needle. I enjoyed the chance to really breath and not be in pain. As my sister Kim described it, its like being super cold and shaking and then getting into a nice jacuzzi...Amazing! And  that is exactly what it was like! So now that I could actually hold a conversation Jeff and I chatted with my dad and step-mom for a bit. While they were in there my nurse rushed in along with another one and kicked my dad and step-mom out. Rolled me over since I couldn't feel anything from the waist down and put an internal monitor on Addy's head. It happened so fast and I was so nervous cause I didn't know what was going on and if my baby girl was okay. They explained that her heart rate kept dropping and that they needed to be able to monitore it better.
Well I finally got a little bit of rest and then Dr Sodoma came in at  4:30 to check my progress. She checked me and I was at a 4..Not much progress for 5 hours. She also noticed that I hadn't leaked very much amniotic fluid and knew that the nurses were turning my pitocin on and off all day because Addilyn's body was showing signs of distress. While we were talking about what to do her heart rate dropped from the 140's to the 50's. Dr Sodoma grabbed my legs and swung me over to the other side to see if that would improve her heart rate. It did but not by much so she swung me back to the other side and finally her heart started to stabalize again. Dr Sodoma then decided that it wasn't worth putting her little body in distress for any longer than it had.And since I stopped progressing she didn't think that she was going to come out on her own anytime soon and that it was too risky and that it was better to prepare for a c-section than have to do an emergency one.

They took me into the operating room and prepped me while Jeff waited outside. I remember them asking me if I could feel anything and then said okay we are ready to go. But I hadn't seen Jeff in the room yet and was asking frantically if my husband was in here. Soon Jeff was sitting by me holding my hand and asking me how I was doing. I then asked aren't you going to watch and he was like ya but we both figured they were still getting ready since they never said okay here we go. We heard oh look at that head and Jeff stood up just as they were pulling her out. I heard her cry and I started to cry. There isn't words to describe how amazing and surreal that moment was. I was a mom!
They announced she is 8 pounds 9 oz and 20 1/4 inches long! Dr Sodoma said "wow I really underestimated her size, there was no way she was going to fit!"
Jeff brought her over to me but I couldn't really see her cause I was laying down on the operating table and Jeff couldn't really tilt her to where I could see her face.We took our first family photo with me still laying on the operating table and Jeff standing by me with this precious baby! He was such a proud father and we were both just so happy that she was here and that she was safe and healthy!

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