Sunday, March 6, 2011

The story of us..

Since this is my first blog EVER..I decided it should be about Jeff and I and our story. Jeff and I met and had our first date January 23rd, 2009. Yes we were set up on a blind date. Our mutual friend Melissa Mott is the one to thank, who is married to Jeff's friend since childhood, Jeff Mott. Melissa and I worked together at the good old Great Clips...Jeff had come in for a haircut from Melissa and they were talking about his dating life and he told her he just needed a good fun date. Anyways she was like well how about you go on a date with this girl I work with and just see how it goes. He was iffy since the last blind date he went on was quite awkward. She showed him a picture of me and he was like well okay why not..I know that sounds conceited but its the truth..Our first date went great! We went to an Indian Restaraunt down the street from my apt and met with his friend Andrew Anderson and his date.  But funny part of the night, leaving the restaraunt we followed closely behind Andrew to pick up his ipod music off the fm transmiter thing. It was kind of funny since if he would get to far ahead of us we would loose it and then it would come back in. Well Andrew decided to set a mood for our first date and tried to make it awkward but it didnt quite work..He selected a classic for us to listen to... Marvin Gaye's "Lets get it on" LOL...When it started playing we just busted up laughing. I though it was funny but Jeff was worried that I would think him and his friends were weirdos and was concerned if that just blew the shot for another date. Now on to the Motts we went to play this really fun game, Killer Bunnies! We called it an early night at 10:30 cause Jeff had work super early  the next morning. Well it was the best first date that we had ever been on... We even texted that night for a little bit! I was already hooked! We had a few more dates and on our 4th date we had gone to the Dragon Diner (soo good) and then the Pink Floyd laser show down town. We held hands and talked on our car ride back. He is so funny and we just laughed the whole time! We got to my apt and just sat on the couch talking forever! It was probably  more me having word vomit and just rambling on! But he acted like he was interested which was nice! haha... When it was time for him to leave he gave me a hug and then said super quiet (cause he was nervous) Can I have a kiss? I wasn't sure that that was what he said but didnt want to ask huh? so I was like well okay um hopefully that is what he said.. and well that is pretty much the beginning of our dating life... We loved being around each other and had so much fun doing random hiking and building campfires for foil dinners, going to concerts, and even giving Jeff a mullet and putting those temporary tattoos all over his arm for a redneck contest! Everything was great!

    Jeff proposed July 28th, 2009. We were texting while we were at work talking about what we wanted to do for a date that night and he suggested Market Street Grill...I maybe would have thought something of it if he hadn't told me that he had just gotten a gift card to there from putting together a fraternity event there. So we went to dinner and talked like normal and headed back to his house. When we pulled up to his driveway he was like hey do you want to go on a walk, I am really full...I said sure why not. There is a huge park right behind his parents house. This park was not a normal little kids park with swingsets and monkeybars, more like a running and biking park. It is full of trees and bushes and a couple different paths to follow...So we were just talking and he was directing me on which path we should take and I was talking about nonsense (like how I was pickin at my face the night before...disgusting I know haha) well we turned a corner and there was a picnic table that had trees and bushes all around it with a bouquet of red roses in a vase and a piece of paper right next to it...we hugged and I could feel his heart thumping. We walked to the table, I then knew what was going on, picked up the paper and read it. He had wrote a 3 page poem, talking about the night we met, us dating and then ending of what he thought of me...there were some funny lines in the poem and some really sweet ones too...the last half of the page said this

I was so much in love with her, how could this be
then I remembered she was picked for me.

Everyday I realize I am dating an amazing girl,
In my eyes you have become a precious pearl.

Since that first date you have made me so happy
I hope you know that you mean the world to me.

There is just one more thing I need to see...

And this is where he got down on one knee and asked Mallory Lyn Leavitt will you marry me?

He is the greatest man I know and I am so lucky to be married to him and to be starting a family with him.
We were married in the Las Vegas Temple October 24th, 2009. It was the most perfect day I could ever imagine and life just keeps getting better and better...


  1. cute story, & you guys are way cute together! the first thing i wrote on my blog when i started it was this same type of post, too! :)

  2. so happy you made a blog. way to accomplish your weekend goal! :)

  3. thank you for starting a blog, it's a fun way to share in your life the times we miss.